Lightning Surge Protection for the Home

These nine (9) areas lightning can strike and cause damage in a home. Finding the path of least resistance, it will 'go to earth' on your electrical or phone lines, striking unprotected electronics standing in its path

The zones protected by Africa Surge SPDs (Surge Protection Device)

Once you have selected your zone of interest (or concern), you can find out more about our SPDs (Surge Protection Device) recommended and purchase right from there.

Scroll down to see our premium product selection for these zones.

Living Room AV lightning surge protection
Living Room AV

The living room is the hub of entertainment for the home, which has 3-4 electronic devices that need protecting. Find out what and how ...

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Home Office Electronics lightning surge protection
Home Office

A home office is applealing for many reasons, and this means business continuity is too. Protect your equipment so there is no down time.

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Gaming Computers lightning surge protection
Gaming Computers

In every household that has gamer computers, the investment in time, energy and equipment is well worth protecting. Find out how ...

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Fridge & Freezer lightning surge protection
Fridge / Freezer

Modern fridges today use advanced circuitry that is costly to replace. Damaged by a lightning surge can complicate matters for you.

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Washing machine lightning surge protection
Washing Machine

Washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwashers use advanced circuitry which also needs to be protected from lightning surges.

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Premium Kitchen Appliances lightning surge protection
Premium Appliances

Kitchens today can have some expensive appliances, such as juicers, coffee machines and microwave ovens. Protect these too.

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Master Bedroom AV lightning surge protection
Master Bedroom AV

For those who retire to watch movies or TV here are creatures of comfort and this means uninterrupted entertainment is expected.

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Alarm & Security lightning surge protection
Alarm & Security

A home's security is of prime concern, as are the devices installed. A lightning strike can 'disarm' or damage this system. Protect it.

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Pool & borehole Pump lightning surge protection
Pool Pump Motor

The pool pump motor can also be damaged if not destroyed by a lightning strike. Our solution is simple and effective.

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How Does Lightning Damage Computerized, Electronic & Electrical Equipment?

Lightning travels to ground along the path of least resistance and this means that in your home (or office), this is through the telephone or electrical lines, which are vulnerable to lightning strikes, as well as power voltage spikes or dips. Your electronic devices stand in the way as the electrical surge travels 'at lightning speeds' (in nano-seconds actually) along the electrical or telephone lines. If it serves you, protect it! And the best way of doing this is with a high quality, high protection SPD (Surge Protection Device) from Africa Surge.

Africa Surge SPDs (Surge Protection Devices)

Talk to an expert for more specific, or technical advice. We have a host of lightning surge protection products which cater to all electrical and electronic devices in the home or office.

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