Lightning Surge Protection for Home Offices

Get the right lightning surge protection for your home office environment; WiFi router, computers, printers, and laptops. Business continuity is vital for any SME or home based company. Protecting your valuable business computers and electronics, communication lines and connectivity is the smart thing to do.

Home Office Lightning Surge Protectors

Business continuity is vital for any small or home based company. Protecting your valuable business computers and electronics, communication lines and connectivity against lightning surges is the smart thing to do.

Working and conducting a professional business from home means having a reliable connection, via a wifi router or modem to a computer or laptop. Avoid suffering the major inconvenience damper your routine and life when lightning strikes. With the right lightning surge protection from Africa Surge you are suitably covered in the event of this mishap. And there is no downtime.

With a UPS installed you have backup power in the event of a power outage or load-shedding. This is a clever and recommended move. However, know this about your UPS. It does not necessarily have lightning surge protection for itself and it will be knocked out (and may protect your device it is connected to) but you will have to repair (at least) or replace the UPS in the event of a lightning strike to your system. Always familiarize with the finder details.

Africa Surge has products that protect your electronic devices from the effects of load-shedding, as well as lightning strikes. Yes, load-shedding has side effects too (other than the obvious). With the shut-off from Eskom power, that “millisecond” that it takes to 'turn off' can affect your circuit board. The impact is not immediately noticeable. Over time you will start to see a difference in performance, or the device itself may give errors or not work properly. Place a surge protection device (SPD) on the line to prevent this happening.

Protecting your valuable computerized, electronic & communication assets from lightning surge damage with a complete range of premium SPDs!

What requires protecting in a small / home office?
  1. A box computer & flat Screen - [WMC HiLo]
  2. Laptop - [WMC HiLo]
  3. 3-in-1 Printer - [WTX HiLo]
  4. WiFi Router or modem - [WTX HiLo]
  5. Scanner (if not USB powered) - [WP5 / WP]
  6. Landline or fax machine - [WTX HiLo]
  7. Air conditioner - [WP5 / WP]

Product Recommendation

The WMC HiLo includes voltage stabilizing circuitry, protecting against hi and lo voltages caused by 'dirty power' or load-shedding [which, by the way, can cause more damage than lightning strikes do].

NOTE: Products recommended above can be used to protect more than one device.


W = Wonder | WP = Wonder Plug | M = Mains | C = Combo | T = Telephone | D = Data | X = Xtra Hi

Africa Surge Protection guarantees the highest quality lightning protection using the best components, workmanship, quality assurance, coupled to fast service and backed by a R20 000 Insured Warranty. Should your SPD (Surge Protection Device) 'die in the line of duty', we will replace it at no charge*. Now that is peace-of-mind you can count on.

  1. Tested to the highest South African standards: SANS, SABS, Test Africa
  2. Carries Insured Warranty of R20 000 (T & Cs apply)
  3. As a 'standard', has a built-in mains tester (correct, safe wiring configuration)
  4. Locally manufactured to ISO 9001 standards & fully supported
  5. Manufactured with the best quality components

Choose your SPD (Surge Protection Device) from the below selection, Click on the product image, Click on 'Add to Bag', then 'Add More' items as needed, Click 'Go to Checkout' if you are done - or Click 'Back to Catalog' to continue shopping. When you are complete, Click 'Go to Checkout'. Follow the instructions below 'Checkout' - everything is on this one page.
Once the transaction has been completed, we will process the order and dispatch within 48 hours from receipt of payment. NOTE: VAT and delivery are included.

Talk to an expert for more specific, or technical advice. We have a host of lightning surge protection products which cater to all electrical and electronic devices in the home or office.

NOTE: VAT and delivery are included.

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