Lightning Surge Protection for Business Reception Area

The reception of a company is the pivotal point of all activity - staff, customers, communications, and it is also the frontline of the business. The PABX, phones, computers, LCD TV, WiFi, fax, printers are usually found here and their functions are all vital. They must be fully operational at all times.

Electronic devices in the business reception area protected from lightning strikes

Being at the frontline of any business, the reception area is an important focal point, for visitors, staff and customers alike. It is important bacause of the functions carried out here. Part of the services performed here are the routing of the company communications to internal staff and bosses.

This area is heavily supported by electronic devices, laptops, PABX, fax, wifi, telephones, LCD TV and the company security system. Dirty power, power spikes and lightning surges can play havoc with these devices, and this is what needs protecting. Africa Surge provides the proper products to do just that.

Don't fall victim to lightning strikes of your electronic devices. If they serve you. Protect them.

Protect these devices with the right lightning surge protection.

Install the right Africa Surge lighting protection for your system. Talk to the experts today. Be one step ahead.

Protecting your valuable computerized, electronic & communication assets from lightning surge damage with a complete range of premium SPDs!

What needs protecting in the company reception area?
  1. The PABX - [WTX HiLo]
  2. Phone extensions - [WTX]
  3. 3-in-1 Printer - [WTDX]
  4. Computer & Flat Screen - [WMC HiLo]
  5. LCD TV - [WDX HiLo]
  6. Fax machine - [WTDX]
  7. Office Security - [WMC HiLo]

Product Recommendation

The HiLo devices include voltage stabilizing circuitry, protecting against hi and lo voltages caused by 'dirty power' or load shedding [which, by the way, can cause more damage than lightning strikes do].

NOTE: Products recommended above can be used to protect more than one device.


W = Wonder | WP = Wonder Plug | M = Mains | C = Combo | T = Telephone | D = Data | X = Xtra Hi

Africa Surge Protection guarantees the highest quality lightning protection using the best components, workmanship, quality assurance, coupled to fast service and backed by a R20 000 Insured Warranty. Should your SPD (Surge Protection Device) 'die in the line of duty', we will replace it at no charge*. Now that is peace-of-mind you can count on.

  1. Tested to the highest South African standards: SANS, SABS, Test Africa
  2. Carries Insured Warranty of R20 000 (T & Cs apply)
  3. As a 'standard', has a built-in mains tester (correct, safe wiring configuration)
  4. Locally manufactured to ISO 9001 standards & fully supported
  5. Manufactured with the best quality components

Choose your SPD (Surge Protection Device) from the below selection, Click on the product image, Click on 'Add to Bag', then 'Add More' items as needed, Click 'Go to Checkout' if you are done - or Click 'Back to Catalog' to continue shopping. When you are complete, Click 'Go to Checkout'. Follow the instructions below 'Checkout' - everything is on this one page.
Once the transaction has been completed, we will process the order and dispatch within 48 hours from receipt of payment. NOTE: VAT and delivery are included.

Talk to an expert for more specific, or technical advice. We have a host of lightning surge protection products which cater to all electrical and electronic devices in the home or office.

NOTE: VAT and delivery are included.

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