Lightning Protection for Servers, Data Centres

The server room can be considered the central data and backup memory of the company. This is where all your crutial data files and backups are stored, driven and powered by computers

Server rooms & equipment: Lightning Surge Protectors

Typically, a server room is air-conditioned and should be static and dust free. The importance of keeping this room in this state is crucial, and for good reason. There is a lot at stake here and during 'lightning season' - here is sunny South Africa this can vary between October to March - circuit boards and CPUs can be reached easily causing damage and hence downtime.

Lightning 'damage' does not always mean that it is large and visible. "Dirty power" or fluctuating power, or even load-shedding can negatively affect these computers. This can be minute, often invisible to the eye, but the operation of the electronics can still be affected, showing errors or malfunctions to a larger or lesser degree up the line. Circuit boards are sensitive parts of electronics. They do need protecting.

Installing the right SPDs Lightning Surge Protector here, that includes voltage stabilizing circuitry, is a smart decision. This is very important.

Lightning Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) that are specifically designed to protect this type of high-end computing equipment should be used. There can be no compromise in this area. The cost of downtime and the effect on the company's bottom line are at stake here. Invest in the right lightning surge protection.

Install the right Africa Surge lighting protection for your server room. Talk to the experts today. Be safe.

Protecting your valuable computerized, electronic & communication assets from lightning surge damage with a complete range of premium SPDs!

What needs protecting in the company server room?
  1. Computers - [WMC HiLo]
  2. Server racks - [WMC HiLo]
  3. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) - [WP]
  4. Routers - [WMC HiLo]
  5. Air-Conditioner - [WMC HiLo]

Product Recommendation

The WMC HiLo includes voltage stabilizing circuitry, protecting against hi and lo voltages caused by 'dirty power' or load shedding [this, by the way, can cause more damage than lightning strikes do].

NOTE: Products recommended above can be used to protect more than one device.


W = Wonder | WP = Wonder Plug | M = Mains | C = Combo | T = Telephone | D = Data | X = Xtra Hi

Africa Surge Protection guarantees the highest quality lightning protection using the best components, workmanship, quality assurance, coupled to fast service and backed by a R20 000 Insured Warranty. Should your SPD (Surge Protection Device) 'die in the line of duty', we will replace it at no charge*. Now that is peace-of-mind you can count on.

  1. Tested to the highest South African standards: SANS, SABS, Test Africa
  2. Carries Insured Warranty of R20 000 (T & Cs apply)
  3. As a 'standard', has a built-in mains tester (correct, safe wiring configuration)
  4. Locally manufactured to ISO 9001 standards & fully supported
  5. Manufactured with the best quality components

Choose your SPD (Surge Protection Device) from the below selection, Click on the product image, Click on 'Add to Bag', then 'Add More' items as needed, Click 'Go to Checkout' if you are done - or Click 'Back to Catalog' to continue shopping. When you are complete, Click 'Go to Checkout'. Follow the instructions below 'Checkout' - everything is on this one page.
Once the transaction has been completed, we will process the order and dispatch within 48 hours from receipt of payment. NOTE: VAT and delivery are included.

Talk to an expert for more specific, or technical advice. We have a host of lightning surge protection products which cater to all electrical and electronic devices in the home or office.

NOTE: VAT and delivery are included.

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