Does Surge Protection really work?

YES, we Guarantee it! Our products are 100% Guaranteed

But it is important to choose the right protection for the job. Which One?

Can I purchase these product directly?

Yes, we have an online store that accepts various payment methods

You can order HERE

Although you want to buy from any one of our dealers nationwide.

I want to become a dealer and resell your products, how do I go about this?

Simply complete the downloadable registration form and send it back to us.

Registration Approvals will take approximately 24 to 48 hours.

Do you deliver or must we collect?

YES, we courier nationwide.

Free delivery for orders over R2500.00

If you are not sure if we deliver to your area, contact us

How do I connect my Wonder Plug?

Check out our installation guide: www.africasurge.com/installation/

(Wire your appliance as you would a standard plug.)

How do I know my Wonder Plug is working?

If the lights are ON

and it’s still on,

it’s Working 🙂

If lightning strikes my house, how do I know the plug was struck?

The plug will no longer function; no lights will appear on the plug

How do I know the product I bought is an original ASP Product?

The product comes with an Africa Surge label; product serial number printed on the label.

How do I fill in the warranty form

Each Africa Surge product contains a warranty agreement form inside the packaging. The end user must complete the form in full and submit it to Africa Surge either: a) via registered post or b) via our online portal (www.africasurge.co.za/warranty-form)

What is the difference between a Guarantee and the R20000 Warranty?

Guarantee: Africa Surge products carry a lifelong guarantee. Should any of our products become faulty it would be replaced free of charge. Warranty: The warranty protects the equipment while making use of an appropriate surge protector. Should the equipment become faulty, Africa Surge and/or their insurance company will repair or replace up to R20 000.

My surge protector has blown. What do I do now?

You call Africa Surge. We will replace the surge protector free of charge.

Where can I buy an Africa Surge Protector?

You can buy from any of our registered dealers or directly from us. Visit www.africasurge.co.za/contact

Can I pay online?


Can I do an EFT?


Can I pay cash?


Are Africa Surge products SABS approved?