How do I protect my electronic devices from lightning strikes?

Several days ago we had a very heavy thunderstorm. That is not uncommon here but one lightning bolt was beyond anything we have experienced in nearly 30 years. The RCD on the mains switchboard did not trip and my iMac was unaffected as were the modem, TV and other electronic devices. However, the burglar alarm was destroyed. We feel that we have had a lucky escape, this time. What protection can you suggest, and is it possible to protect the whole house as distinct from individual computers etc?

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How Surge Protectors Work

When you put together a computer system, one piece of standard equipment you’ll probably buy is a surge protector. Most designs serve one immediately obvious function — they let you plug multiple components into one power outlet. With all of the different components that make up a computer system, this is definitely a useful device.

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What Is an Electrical Power Surge?

A power surge is basically a spike in your home’s electrical current.

The spike is very brief, usually lasting less than a thousandth of a second, but it can still cause damage to your home and appliances.

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How to Choose, Buy, and Safely Use a Good Surge Protector

Most of us have more devices than we have plugs in the wall, which is why you’ll likely find a surge protector behind most people’s televisions and under our desks. However, not all surge protectors are alike, and some even put your gadgets at risk. We talked to an electrician to sort out how to tell the good ones from the bad ones, and how to use them safely.

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Are Power Surges Damaging Your Electronics?

Maybe you know this story: There’s a thunderstorm. Lightning strikes nearby. The power cuts out for a moment, then returns. But when you try to switch on the TV, it doesn’t seem to work.

Electrical surges can instantly overload and short out the circuitry of home electronics and anything else plugged into the wall, or they can degrade them over time. Learning more about surges can help save money and how to protect your property.

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Facts About Power Surges

What Are Power (Voltage) Surges?

A power surge is one form of electrical power disturbance. There are four main types of power disturbances:

  • Voltage dips (also called “sags” or “brownouts”)
  • Electromagnetic interference
  • Radio frequency interference
  • Power surges (also referred to as “voltage surges” or “transient voltages”)

Power surges are generally considered to be the most destructive of the four types of electrical power disturbances.

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Electrical surge damage

Claims involving lightning damage can be significant and impact your ability to operate effectively. According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, damages caused by lightning may exceed $5 to $6 billion per year. On average, lightning damage claims reported by Markel’s camp clients result in $4,245 per event. These damages typically involve various electronics critical to daily operations like computers, phones, phone lines, and printers. Without these tools, valuable time and stored data can be lost.

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Lightning insurance & protection tips

South Africa has one of the highest lightning ground strike densities in the world, which can have major financial repercussions for businesses and local homeowners.

According to the Insurance Information Institute in the US, the cost of damage caused by lightning strikes totalled nearly $1 billion in insured losses in 2011 alone.

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