The Legendry Wonder Plug is Undeniable Quality Guaranteed

We have been designing, innovating and manufacturing surge protection products since 1991. During this time we have grown to be the largest and longest lasting surge protection manufacturer supplying southern Africa. Thank you to all the customers we've served and who have supported us.

Who We Are

Africa Surge Protection started in in 1991 with the invention of the Wonder Plug that took some years of convincing the market of its superior performance and quality, today Wonder Plug has become a household name. Since then, however, copies of the Wonder Plug have been manufactured overseas and imported into South Africa. Although this was a real blow for the company and the market,

Africa Surge continued to innovate and currently has the most extensive locally manufactured range of surge protectors in Africa. Watch for an even more extensive range of surge protectors serving even more markets and meeting your needs.

Provision of the highest quality products for Surge Protection available anywhere in the world, to lead the local and international markets with innovative, user-friendly, high-quality products backed by unparalleled support and service.

To dominate the surge protection market with the finest products, unsurpassed service and support and to provide innovation to the market we serve with products that 'easily make sense' and are used in every household throughout South and all of Africa and then the world.

Real Protection

Our Credentials

Over the years we have garnered some of the certification that matters the most to you. This means that you are getting the best there is.

Here are just some of the accreditations we have. It is what lies behind the logo that is important. This is our quality commitment to you. Rest assured, you are getting the best there is. Guaranteed.

Our History

How we started, and a brief storyline of our progression and successes along the way.


First Prototype

History in the making. The idea becomes reality. The first ever Wonder Plug is designed.


Patent Granted

The granting of full patent 1993/06815 for the Wonder Plug sets the stage for great things.


Supply to KZN

Successful manufacture and supply to the then local market of Kwa Zulu Natal through numerous retail outlets.


Jhb Happens

Successful launch of product lines into Joburg also sees the move of Head Office from KZN.


First TV Ad aired

Africa Surge launches on the mini screen during prime time viewing in South Africa.


Product Expansion

Dramatic increase in range to incorporate multi-adapters, telephone lines, TV antennas, MNET decoder, gate motor and ISDN surge protectors.


Embraced by National Stores

The big names in retail embrace the brand - Makro, Game, Dions, Pick n Pay and more stock and sell Africa Surege protection.


ADSL Surge is Born

Approached by Telkom to design and develop Surge Protection for ADSL specifically and co-inside with their launch and roll-out of ADSL in SA.


Exclusive Supplier to Telkom

Telkom SA signs exclusive supplier deal with Africa Surge (Pty) Ltd. Another milestone achieved.


Business Surges

Through additional innovative products busienss surges for Africa Surge.


Buyout Bid

A Bidvest company, Tedelex, puts in a bid to buy Africa Surge Protection (Pty) Ltd.


Innovation Continues

Through the introduction of the HiLo and USB Surge Protectors market opportuinty increases.