We Guarantee it

Our products are manufactured to the highest standards.
Going beyond the regulatory requirements of SABS and NRCS, we have had our products tested to International standards and independant tests by companies Like Nashua with the co-operation of the CSIR.

We stand by our high quality standard and Guarantee our products with a replacement or repair service.

Furthermore, we include an attached equipment INSURANCE POLICY with our high end surge protectors.

FAILURE RATE – Below 0.01%

Customer Return Rate – Below 0.015%

What Our Customers Have To Say.

“Just a short note to say thank you for your assistance. I was getting fairly desperate and looking for help from the cmputer industry was proving a major mission. It is heartening to still find service and help in this country. Many thanks once again.”

Gavin Brummer

“We have used the Wonder Plug for approximately 4 years and have found them to be most reliable for the live testing applications in areas where computers are used constantly. They eliminate the need to switch of supply to these sensitive areas..”

ER Lupke

“We had a client coming in a while ago who had bought some of your products. In fact, it was your 3 way multiplug. He had one plugged in his office and one in his house. There was a severe lightning storm and his whole house was struck and caused a fire as well. He told use that ever electrical item in his house had blown except those that were used on your multiplug. He was very chuffed and so were we.”

Ann Renton

“I would just like to confirm that your surge protector does indeed work. I used one recently to protect my laundry appliances – washing machine and tumble dryer – after paying for a major repair on my washing machine (R2000.00) when all its electrical components were blown by a severe surge. Sure a anything, we had another surge after i had plugged in your surge protector – and it was the protector that blew. My washing machine and tumble dryer were not damaged. Thanks for producing a product that measures up to its promises!.”

Sarah Webster

“Your ADSL surge protector (DSLK2C14B2) has rarely proved itself no 1. On Sunday we experienced extensive lightning damage to telephone 1 of our 3 phases of electricity and water pipes. The telephone jack was mangled to a piece of plastic that was shot right across the room. The lightning protector had melted in ten seconds and now has a slightly distorted shape and sounds like a smarty box when shaked. The telephone wires to the building were burnt off – and the printer, scanner, telephone portable & standard desktop plug in unit al worked !! The Telkom technician who attended to our claim, also attended to another neighbour with lightning damage which occured in the same storm. He was very impressed that we go off so lightly considering the state of your lightning protector unit. His comment was “Jislaaik” Powerful protection stuff this!” Africa Surge we say “thank you”. We will display thelightning damage evidence in our shop & using it a sales motivation”


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