Get Your Product Registered

In order for you to be covered for insurance, which is INCLUDED in the purchase of your product, it is important that you complete the registration form with all details, submit online so we can log and record in case of a claim.

First Step

Watch the short video for an overview of what is required to register for warranty insurance

Second Step

Register as a Buyer. This means entering your name and email address into our Buyer Database

Third Step

Read and agree to the Warranty Agreement, then fill out the Warranty Form in full

Watch This Video

WARRANTY: Register As A Buyer

Register onto the Africa Surge Protection buyer database to be legible for the FREE R30 000 Insured Warranty.

Fill out my online form.

Get Your Warranty Insurance Peace of Mind by registering

You have bought an Africa Surge product and now you want to register it, by providing proof of purchase and correct installation, so that you are correctly and fully insured - up to R30 000 protection!

Read the Warranty Terms

This is a prerequisite to the Insured Warranty. Please read these Terms before proceding. Once done, complete the Warranty Form. [Next Step >]


Complete the Warranty FORM Online

Completing this form ONLINE is the fastest and best way to Register and lodge your product details with Africa Surge. Welcome on board!

Complete the WARRANTY FORM!

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