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Africa Surge Protection (Pty) Ltd.

Africa Surge’s humble beginnings started in 1991 with the innovation of the ‘Wonder Plug’ that was subsequently patented in 1993. Originally situated in Durban, South Africa, the owner and inventor, Jason Roper, launched his company with one product.

The market’s positive acceptance of the product and the demand grew quickly. Soon, more products were added to the range and before long the Wonder Plug hung on the shelves of many retail chains, electrical, hardware and furniture stores.

What is Surge Protection ?

Power failures and lightning storms cause havoc with our electronic equipment and can cause severe damage. The inconvenience and trouble caused, create frustrations that can be AVOIDED with good quality guaranteed surge protectors.

Surge protection devices are your answer to this natural phenomenon. Naturally occurring lightning and thunderstorms are still some of the most spectacular natural events occurring on this planet. A single lightning strike can be the equivalent of a 1-kilo Ton nuclear explosion.

Wow, that’s powerful! Scientists have tried for years to harness this powerful event, but are yet to succeed. Mainly because we have not developed a way to control the strike zone and produce a device to capture the energy.

A single lightning strike can be measured at above 1 million volts.

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